Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sedona’s Distinctive, Wildlife Rich, Red Rocks Area

Having graduated from Phillipsburg High School, New Jersey resident Andrew Horun has a passion for sports such as wresting. He has coached soccer and wrestling, and is a fan of the New York Red Bulls. An avid traveler, Andrew Horun had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon and the mountains around Sedona, which he explored with his family by jeep.

Spanning elevations from 3,500 and 6,700 feet, the iconic red rocks of the region support a wide range of wildlife, including 1,400 species of plants. This reflects a varied landscape that ranges from steep canyons to grasslands, forests, and areas of riparian verdure. Protected areas in the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument are home to a wide range of animal species, including top tier predators such as bears and mountain lions. Pronghorn sheep and Harris antelope are also common, as they are able to traverse the rugged landscape.

Riparian areas in the region encompass two valuable watersheds. They attract numerous waterfowl and provide a home to fish such as loach minnows and Sonora and desert suckers. Rare avian species include bald eagles and Mexican spotted owls. With the area under increased development pressure, plans are underway to create an expanded 160,000 acre protected area under Red Rock National Monument management.

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